NAIL BOSS has been known for its clean, professional, and high-quality services. Our highly trained and qualified staff ensures that you can trust our services. For the best results and your safety, we use only branded and high-grade products. We take hygiene and sanitation standards seriously, and all precautions are taken to guarantee it. With a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of quality services, you are sure to have an amazing experience at NAIL BOSS
Our salon has the following policy for the mutual convenience of our clients and our salon.
* We have the right to refuse or stop service for anyone who is rude or comes in with a bad attitude.
* If you have diabetes, onychomycosis, blood thinning, or allergies, please inform our technicians about your condition so that we can provide our services with proper care.
* We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items and gift cards.
* We do not provide refunds on services. However, we will try our best to address your issues with the service.
* Our prices are available on the menu. Please confirm the prices with the nail techs before receiving the services.
* You will be fully responsible for your personal belongings during your visit. You will have to pay compensation if you damage any salon products during the visit.
* Please do not take any pictures in the salon without our consent.
* Please give us advance notice for canceling appointments and 30% of the deposit for a group of 4 people or up.
* Ask for the service which you would like to have. If you need clarification, please speak to the salon manager.
* If you are unsatisfied with our service, please speak with the manager immediately, and we will do our best to remedy the situation.
Be confident with your nails